Our Belief!

"WE" are because of "YOU"

Who are ``Marquelencers``?
Marquelencers are the Influencers and memers of the Marque Berryi family. Let's just call them our ``Atom``. Can we?
What Marque Berry offers you?
A wide range and a vague variety of brands, thriving to execute marketing campaigns find you at a click.
What makes Marque Berry different from other marketing firms?
A personalised dashboard for every Marquelencer, call it a portfolio if you like, tenfolds the chances of getting a campaign under a certain persona.
Good. No! The Best!

If you are good at something don't do it for free!

Our secret plan for our Marquelencers
We thrive on a daily basis to monetize your skills. A team of honed technicians categorizes your skills to create a healthy reach. Your reach is your power. We introduce you to a community of influencers. A chance to know, learn and teach your community. Alone we struggle, together we win.

We guarantee the best service in the field of meme marketing with uniqueness and forte in ``Viralation``


What do our Marquelencers think about us?


Marque Berry has Cards in the sleeves too!

Marqueberry comprises the finest and the most creative brains of the era. The motto is to bring the brands and the creators at one platform to enhance the quality of meme marketing in the upcoming years. A chance to work with various brands at one time with no restriction. Engagement with various brands at one time to make complete use of your time.
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    We focus on attracting and engaging the right people to individual clients, using their relationships with a broad circle of media, influencers, bloggers, and opinion formers.

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